To work on the wiki:
Click on: Página nueva (almost at the top right side). On Nombre de Página, write the name of the Section (Fashion…) Click on: Crear.
To start writing, click on Edit. Always remember to save your work. And then contune editing.
To include the link of an article:
First, open the article in your browser, select and copy the address.
Then, go back to the wikipage and click on Enlace, then on Enlace Externo, on Texto del enlace write the name of the article (and date and newspaper’s name if you want to), then paste the address on Dirección, click on Nueva Ventana and finally click on Añadir Enlace.
If you want to include pictures:
In the wikipage, click on Archivo, in Insertar archivo click on Upload files, find your image and click on Abrir. Double click on the image and it will appear on the page.