The fashion world:
Since what age people can model?
What's the required weight to be a model?
Fashion supporters:Eco Fashion
Does people buy eco fashion clothes?
Who is the well best known eco fashion designer?
"": charity shops
Do you wash clothes before selling them?
How many people buy in charity shops?
"": Public awareness campaigns:
Do they really work?
How much low the negative points percent since the campaing start?
"": animals
Would you kill an animal for their fur?
Did you know that lips brush are made by fish fins?
"":labour force
How much they earn?
How many ours they work per day?
"": enviromental issues
what's the relation with enviromental problems and the clothes industry?
What do you think will save us from this problems?
"": Anorexia and bulimia
Do you think that fashion introduce you in this problems?
How can we change this?
"": cosmety surgery issues:
How much do cosmetic surgery doctors earn?
Did you enjoy doing this intresting and amazing test?