• Do you wear designer clothes?
  • Have you ever worn eco clothes?
  • Would you give away your clothes for charity?
  • Would you make a public awareness campaign to take care of animals?
  • Are you for or against the killing of animals to make clothes?
  • Are people who make clothes happy with their salary?
  • Do clothes factories pollute the environment?
  • What do you think about the problems of anorexia and bulimia in your country?
  • Would you have a cosmetic surgery? Where?

Where do designers get their inspiration to create their fashionable clothes?
What are the advantages of eco fashion?
Where can I find Charity shops in Argentina?
How can I participate in Public Awareness Campaigns?
What are the consequences for animals when we wear clothes with their fur?
Are you in favour or against low-salaries for the clothing industry labour force?
How can we make industrial clothes without polluting the enviroment?
Are there any campaigns to prevent anorexia and bulimia?
It is ok to have cosmetic surgery only to be fashionable?

The fashion world:
How old do people need to be to become models?
What's the required weight to be a model?
Fashion supporters:Eco Fashion
Do people buy eco fashion clothes?
Who is the best known eco fashion designer around the world?
"": charity shops
Do charity shops wash the clothes before selling them?
How many people buy in charity shops?
"": Public awareness campaigns:
Do public awareness campaigns really work?
How much low the negative points percent since the campaing start?
What percentage of the problem decreases when the campaign starts?
"": animals
Would you kill animals for their fur?
Did you know that lips sticks are made with fish fins?
"":labour force
How much do people in the fashion industry earn?
How many hours do they work per day?
"": enviromental issues
What's the relation between environmental problems and the clothes industry?
What could be a solution to these problems?
"": Anorexia and bulimia
Does fashion encourage these problems?
How can we change this?
"": cosmety surgery issues:
How much do cosmetic surgery doctors earn?

  • How many people actually care of fashion clothes? What do you need to be a super model?
  • What is the raw material of eco clothes? Where can people buy them?
  • How many charity shops are there in USA? And in Argentina?
  • Do you know any organization that protects animals in Argentina/San Juan? How can we help with PETA organization? Are there any public awareness campaigns in Argentina?
  • How many cows, foxes, rabbits, snakes, crocodiles, etc. are killed each year because of their fur or skin? Would you kill your pet to do a bag or coat?
  • Which countries regulate labour conditions in the clothing industry? Is there any law in Argentina to protect workers?
  • Are there any clothes that help to reduce environmental issues? Which companies make this type of clothes?
  • How many people die because of anorexia and bulimia every year? What can we do to stop it?
  • Why do people decide to have cosmetic surgery? How many famous people have had it?

Why do people wear designer clothes?

When did Eco Fashion become popular?

What do people from charity shops do with the donations?

Are Public Awareness campaigns common in Argentina?

Why do people wear fur?

Are working conditions appropriate for workers in the fashion industry?

Is the world getting polluted by the fashion industry?

Are anorexia and bulimia related to the world of fashion?

*Who are most famous designers of Argentina?

*When did the EF begin?

*How many Charity Shops are there in Argentina?

*Are Public Awareness campaigns successful in this country?

*How many animals are killed to make clothes every year in Argentina/San Juan?

*How bad are the working conditions in the fashion industry?

*Does the production of clothes pollute the environment?

*Why is this kind of illnesses increasing?

*Are the Cosmetic Surgery related with the fashion?

  1. How expensive are designer Clothes? How can you be a model?
  2. What are the requisites to make eco fashion clothes? Do eco fashion clothes really help the environmental? How? Why?
  3. Do charity shops earn the necessary money to help poor people? Why?
  4. What topics do campaigners talk about? Do people really follow the campaigners' advice?
  5. How many animals people kill to make one fur? Why did they take animal's fur until they kill them?
  6. How many people work in bad conditions?
  7. Does people take care about the enviroment?
  8. What are the consecuences of anorexia? Which is more common? Why?
  9. Why people change their body? Are cosmetic surgerys safe?

  1. Who are the best known designers in Argentina? And in the world?
  2. Which companies make Eco Clothing?
  3. Are there any charity shops in San Juan?
  4. What kind of projects do public awareness campaigns usually present? Are they common?
  5. How does the fashion industry affect animals?
  6. Which are the working conditions of the employees of textile workshops?
  7. Do clothes factories emit any greenhouse gases? How do they affect the Enviroment?
  8. How many people suffer from Anorexia or Bulimia? How dangerous are these diseases?
  9. Who are the most successful cosmetic surgeons in Hollywood?

Which countries are the biggest clothes producers in the world?

Is there any Eco Fashion shop in Argentina?

What are the benefits of charity shops for poor people?

Which organizations campaign to fight for animals’ rights?

What are the consequences of the killing of animals to make clothes in Argentina?

How much does a clothes producer earn?

Are anorexia and bullimia really important problems in San Juan?

How much is a cosmetic surgery?